Keyword Stuffing- How to avoid it?


Keyword Stuffing is a ‘black hat process’ and ‘unethical’ process in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique used by the Web designer to overload keywords on a web page. So that search engine will provide the web page as being relevant in a Web search.

  • The words that are entered into the search criteria by the user then this word scan by the search engine, if the word arises more time on the web page the more relevancy the search engine will assign to that page in the search result.

  • If the search engine finds out any website to do keyword stuffing then search engine often penalize that site. So some of the search engines ban that site for the further search result.

Keyword strategy
What is Keyword?


Various method of Keyword Stuffing:

There are several methods for keyword stuffing that are:

  • In input page they’re we repeat the keyword in invisible or hiddenly on the same page with the meta tag, which is detected by the search engine and invisible to the user.

  • Make text in the body of Web page invisible text or hidden text by making the text the same colour as the page’s background so this text is invisible to the user unless the user highlights the text.

  • This method called as Invisible keyword stuffing or referred to as Keyword loading and spamdexing.


The danger of keyword stuffing:

Avoid keyword stuffing
Danger effect of Keyword Stuffing

As per the strategic of Google search ranking embryonic customers are less likely to stumble onto your business. So in the world 15 % people use internet for find a local business, which is a significant loss.

  • There are other perils to keyword stuffing which ignored by Google. And it will increase the bounce rate for your business website, losing you further possible customers.

Keyword strategy
A graphical representation to determine effects of using Keyword stuffing.


Potential Keyword Strategics:  

  • The major determinant of web pages is the density of keyword, which increases the rank of that site in Google search ranking.

  • The use and placement of keyword in the site to be natural for reading and display in the meta tag, then it makes sure that the keyword is usable.

  • Attach a useful and relevant link to that word for a higher rank in the search engine.

  • In modern business, the strategy of the keyword that should not be used to rank their website in search engine.

Irrelevant Keyword:

  • “Keyword stuffing” refers to implementing of loading a webpage with keywords or number of keywords tries to operate a site’s ranking in Google search result.

  • The number of keywords put in the web page, which gives a bad experience to the user, and can harm to your rank in Google search.

  • So focus on to put useful keyword and information rich content to increase the traffic in the Search engine to rank your page.

Avoid Keyword stuffing and use Keyword strategy
How to increase traffic without Keyword stuffing?

How to increase traffic without using keyword stuffing:

  • Rename Images

  • Find out what your user wants

  • Generate new keywords and topic ideas

  • Make your website mobile-friendly

  • Avoid Incorrect Phrases

  • Quality is the King

Keyword stuffing checker
Keyword Density

How to keep Keyword Density Natural and Avoid Keyword Stuffing:

  • Put relevant keyword to search

    Keyword strategy- TheWebomania
    Formulae for Keyword Density

  • Effective Keyword Research

  • Avoid Incorrect Phrases

  • Increase the Word Count

  • Have the Right Mindset

  • Quality is the King

SEO effect due to Keyword density- TheWebomania
Keyword Density for SEO

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