How to Use Google’s Search Console to fix your Site?

Nowadays, the value of online marketing is increasing gradually and more people spend hours and hours of time to search for information and products online. So, to develop a business and to occupy a proper position, every business needs an attractive and responsive website.

Site managers used to depend strongly on Google analytics previously before Google search console, but Google Analytics has no longer accepted by the user. Google search console tool is one of the free effective tools provided by Google.

Not only Google search console offers you to fix your site but also it helps to understand about the troubles of your website so that you can overcome with viable solutions.


Use of Google search console to fix your website:


Getting started:

At first, you have to create one Google search account and proceed to use the tool to detect all the problems that make your website inefficient.


Analyze your site:

Access the tool and go to Search Traffic and find Search Analytics inside it. Then select four critical metrics as Clicks, Impressions, CTR and Position.


Create new content:

You have to write one attracting blog so that web searchers can reach you more easily.  Use Google search console to find popular keywords and make an effective content as per searcher’s needs.


Consider the backlinks:

The more high-quality backlinks one website has, it will occupy a higher rank as compared to the websites having fewer links. The highest ranked content had the most external links. So, you have to look carefully and detect the sites that often linked to your site.


Reach out:

Navigate to Links to your site under ‘Search Traffic’ option. The search console releases the content to which most external sites link. If you click on ‘More’ option you will find a master list of every site that has been linked to you. You can download these links for further outreach. If you are getting backlinks from sites, then send an email to them to exchange links.


Improve your sites HTML:

If you are running your website through Google’s Page Speed Insights, your website might be plagued by thousands of issues. To improve speed you have to minify your JavaScript, CSS and HTML.


Solve HTML problems:

Go to dashboard and click on Search Appearance and then HTML improvements. Here, you can get the idea which issue plagues your website. It might be duplicate title tags, meta descriptions are too short or too long etc. If you click on the suggestion, you will get a list of web pages where the problem is present.


Paying attention to indexed pages:

You have to know how many web pages of your website has been indexed by Google. In this case, just visit your website’s Index status which is located under Google index. Google provides an easy process in a graphical view that indicates the no of indexed links.


Test your URL:

You can test your URLs with the help of Fetch and Render tool which enables to run a simulation that makes you understand how Google scans and crawls your site. Visit to search console’s Crawl option and click on Fetch as Google. Type your URL and click on Fetch and Render option to test your URL.