How to link Google Analytics with Google Search Console?

Before you know how to link Google Analytics with Google Search Console? let’s know what are they?


What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free analytics tool offered by Google that helps to analyze the site report of a website like Visitors report, web traffic reports, details of keywords report, content report, conversions report. Basically, it gives in-depth insights into the external data about how your visitors are communicating with your website.

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free service provided by Google that helps to track and maintain the website’s health by allowing the webmasters to see the information about your website and the people who visit it.Basically, it gives the information about how Google is indexing and displaying their sites in the search results.

Enabling Search Console Data with Analytics

Once you connect a site that you own in search console to your Analytics property, its data becomes visible in your search engine reports.You can visit the property settings page in Analytics account management to change which of your search console site’s data you wish to show, and control which views on your web property have access to view the data.

How to use search Console Data with Analytics

Search Console provides data what users see in Google search results before they decide to click on your site. You can use this data to identify opportunities and prioritize development effort to increase the number of visitors to your site.Examples:

  • Identify landing pages on your site that have good click-through rates(CTR)
  • Identify search queries (keywords) for which your site has good average positions

Guide to Connect Google Analytics with Google Web Master Tools(Google Search Console)

In order to integrate the google analytics with google search console follow the below steps to enable it which helps you to get the data under one site without logging to both sites.

  1. First Step is to login Google Analytics Account.Then Find the “Admin” option on top of the page. Below is the screenshot where you can find it where it is.


Admin Search Console


2. After that Select Property” and click on “Property settings on that left of the Admin Page. You’ll see something like this (below).


3. From Property, settings scroll the page and below you can see a menu option “Adjust search Console”. Click  Adjust search Console” (which sits just above “Save” on that same screen). See the screenshot below to identify the option in a circle which is in a red highlighted portion.


Search Console


4.  After saving your changes, it will take you back to a page  Search Console Settings, click the “Edit” link.  At the site make sure your website is verified by the Google Master tool. See the Screen short below !!!


5. After you click the Edit button it will redirect to a page which is shown in the screenshot below with the arrows highlighting to select the verified website which you want to connect with Google Analytics available under the Search Console site and then click on “Save”.

While saving you will get a pop-up window which will tell you that you link Google Analytics to Google search Console.Click ‘ok’.

Enable Search Console Data in Google Analytics

6. After that, a page comes with the details of a selected website that verify google Analytics. Now refresh the page and get your site analytics report in Search Google Console. Follow the steps below to know how to get a report of a website in Search Console.

 Steps to know the report of a website:

1. First Go through all the steps that I have described it above to connect the Google Analytics in Search Console.

2. Then refresh the Google analytics Page and click the “Reporting ”  tab menu  (near to the Admin Tab). See the Screenshot below:

3. On that Reporting Page go to the left side of the page where you will get Acquisition” menu.Under that menu, you will find the search engine optimization link menu.Click on that link. You can see the image below with arrow mark.

4. Under that “Search engine optimization”, you will get queries tracking analytics reporting, landing pages.            See the screenshot below.



Now Google Analytics is sharing data with Google Webmaster tool(Google Search Console). Done !!!!!