How to Add and verify a site in Google Search Console?


If you are a new Google Search console user, then you will have to add your site to search console and verify it before you can use this tool to improve your site. You need to Add and verify your site in Search Console to prove Google that you’re either the owner of that site, webmaster, or other authorized user. By the use of Google search console you can get extremely detailed information and insights about your website’s performance.

Adding a website to Google Search Console is a very easy and simple process. First of all you need to log into your Search Console account. After you’re logged in, you can see a box near to a red button which states “Add Property.”

There, input the URL of your site in the box which you want to add and click on the “Add Property” button. Well done, your website is now added to your Google Search Console account.


Afterwards, you will be requested to validate your website. Verifying can be done in few different ways. Which method you want to go for completely depends on you. Following are some of the methods provided by Google search console.

1. Adding an HTML tag:

If you have experience working with HTML code then this verification method is best for you. On the Google Search Console control panel, click on the “Manage Property” button, then click on “Verify this property” from the drop down menu. If you are unable to find the “HTML Tag” option under “Recommended method” tab, then click on the “Alternate methods” tab and choose “HTML tag”. Then you will be provided with the HTML code which you will need for verification.

Copy the HTML code & using your HTML editor open the HTML code of your website’s homepage. Then paste that HTML code within the <Head> section of the HTML code of your site. After that save and publish the updated code, and open your site’s homepage.

Then view the site’s source code. In the source code verification code must be visible in the <Head> section. Now go back to Google Search Console and click on “Verify”. You will be shown a screen letting you know the site has been confirmed if the HTML code is found. If the code is not found, then the Search console will let you know the errors.

2. Uploading an HTML file:

In this method you have to upload files to your website’s root directory.

Select “Manage site” from the Search Console dashboard, then click on “Verify this site.” If you cannot find “HTML file upload” option under “Recommended method,” it must be itemized under the “Alternate method” tab.

Select this method and download the HTML file and then upload it to the root directory of your website. Once the file has been uploaded go back to Search Console and click on the “Verify” Button. If the file has been uploaded correctly has been uploaded correctly, you will see a page showing the site has been verified.

3. Via domain name provider:

The company you purchased a domain from is the domain name provider. If you are verifying using your domain name provider, then it proves that you are the owner of the main domain as well as all of the sub-domains and sub-directories associated with it. This is an outstanding option for verifying if you have a big website.

Select “Manage site” from the Search Console dashboard, then click on “Verify this site”. If you can’t find the “Domain name provider” option itemized underneath “Recommended method,” then look under the “Alternate method” tab.

There you select “Domain name provider,” then you will be requested to select your domain name provider from the list of frequently used providers, such as

4. Adding Google Analytics code:

This could be the easiest option for you, if you are already using Google Analytics to monitor your website’s traffic. First of all select “Manage site,” then “Verify this site”. Next select the “Google Analytics tracking code” option. After selecting “Google Analytics tracking method,” a series of directions to follow will be provided. You just need to put GA tracking code within the <Head> section of your homepage’s code.

After your website has been confirmed, do not remove the Google Analytics code from your site’s HTML code, or it will cause your site to become unverified again.

5. Using Google Tag Manager:

If you’re going to use this method to verify, you must have “View, Edit, and Manage” authorizations allowed for your account in Google Tag Manager. Look at your site’s HTML code before using this method to make sure the GTM code is positioned instantly after your site’s <Body> tag.

Then choose “Manage site,” and next click on “Verify this site”. Then pick the “Google Tag Manager” option listed under “Recommended method” or “Alternate method” and then click verify. If the Google Tag Manager code is found by the search console, then you will see a screen showing your site has been verified.

Choose your suitable method from the above options and verify your site in Google Search Console.