Hidden Text or Links- Black Hat SEO

HIDDEN TEXT & LINKS: Making the Invisible Visible

  • A set of Hidden text and links that are almost invisible or completely invisible to web page users but not to the search engines spiders.
  • Hidden text is a form of distorted search engine spamming.
  • It’s an oldie way to build a page rank.
Hidden SEO content
An example of Hidden text links in SEO

Note: In an age, we use these techniques to increase page ranking when websites are determined by only the words on a web page. Later on, this was called “keyword stuffing”. This method no longer works, but people still try it.

HIDDEN TEXT Techniques:

Spam content in SEO- TheWebomania
Hidden text links in SEO
  1. Using the Same Background Color.
  2. Using the Same Link Color as Background.
  3. Using the Same Background Image Color as Text.
  4. Using Cascading Style Sheets.
  5. Hidden Visibility in CSS.
  6. Hiding Text With Z-index Layers.
  7. CSS Absolute Position Class.

How to check for hidden text and links?

SEO guide- TheWebomania
Method to check Hidden text links

Google’s Advice:

SEO guide- TheWebomania
Google’s Rules and Regulations

Some techniques are leading websites into misguidance by violating Google Webmaster Guidelines including:

  1. Using white text on a white background.
  2. Locating text behind an image.
  3. Using CSS to position text off-screen.
  4. Setting the font size to “Zero”(0).
  5. Hiding a link by only linking one small character—for example, a hyphen in the middle of a paragraph.
SEO guide- TheWebomania
Action Chart of Google
  • Pure Spam.
  • Legacy.
  • Hacked Site.
  • Unnatural links from your site.
  • Automatically generated content and infinite spaces.
  • Cloaking and/or sneaky redirects.
  • Thin content with little or no added value.
  • Unnatural links to your site.
  • Parked Domains.
  • User-generated spam.
  • Hidden text and/or Keyword Stuffing.
  • Spammy free hosts and dynamic D.N.S providers.

Rules to follow:

  1. A clear aim leads to visibility, So be focused Whose to show(User/Search Engine Spiders).
  2. Never Match Font Color with Background Color
  3. Never Position Text Off-Screen.
  4. Never Set Text Size to Zero.
  5. Never Format Links the Same as Text.
  6. Avoid Hiding Links in Single Characters.
  7. Use Hidden Div‘s to Display Facebook Comments.
  8. Display JavaScript-Hidden Text with <noscript>.
  9. Don’t hide Text behind Images: Use Alt Tags.
  10. Don’t hide Videotext: Provide a Transcript.


Hidden Text & links send your website to the banned & penalized from S.E.R.P’s.Soif you think it’s a way to cheat the search engine, Webmasters should go for, improvement of content, their site’s usability & creating more backlinks.By using these & some other detailed techniques website rank will improve but not overnight.

“A Popular Business takes the time to be Popular & it’s good for that Business.”

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