How to prevent Google Panda Hit?

Google panda update is a search filter that was introduced in 2011 meant to lower the rank of “low-quality sites“ mainly  “content farms“ and return high-quality sites at the top of search results.

Prevent panda hit- TheWebomania
The measures to prevent Google’s Panda Hit

Before Panda update, everyone was busy in writing manipulated keyword stuff content rather than a high-quality site. Because everyone wants to come to the top of the search results. Website creators were giving priority to online visibility rather than high quality. That’s why Google feels the need for an update and eventually came up with Panda Update.

Then panda update soon drags down all the websites with low-quality content. Panda mainly hit the “ Content Farms “. So if you don’t want to get hit by Google Panda update then follow these steps:

Write User-Friendly Content

Always focus on high-quality content rather than quantity. Your content should be good and engaging. It should be able to make viewers stay on the site for long. That can happen if you update your site with fresh content on a regular interval.

User friendly seo content
Effective Website Navigation

Features of a high-quality site:

  • Written by an expert who has deep knowledge in that topic.
  • Should not have any spelling error or grammatical mistake.
  • Short but necessary rather than descriptive & un-necessary.
  • Must have original information, research and analysis.
  • Recognized authority
  • Article should cover both negative and positive sides of the query
  • No duplicate content, overlapping content
  • Keywords should not be overused & manipulated
  • Higher value when compare with other sites with the same piece of information
  • Users might bookmark the site
  • No excessive amounts of ads
  • Topic being edited perfectly
  • Mentions in magazines, papers, Wikipedia etc.
  • Detailed explanation to the query
  • No complaints from viewers after seeing the content
  • Should be trustworthy content

Remove unnecessary/bad Content

With panda update, Google promised to punish websites that manipulate their search engine results. Even websites with some of their contents being low quality get affected by the panda update. That’s why you should take care of the following things:

Delete low-quality Content

The first thing you should do is the deletion of low-quality content. The contents which you think is not necessary and describing the query should be deleted. Or else panda will drag your website down.

No overuse of keywords

Never manipulate the keywords. Use natural keywords which explain the content. Or you will ruin you ranking yourself.

Use noindex meta tag for unnecessary pages

If you think a page is not necessary for the website, that might affect your ranking then use the “ noindex “ Meta tag in the page’s HTML code. So when Google bot crawls the page it will drop the entire page seeing the noindex meta tag. During this time you can modify the page and when finished you can remove the noindex meta tag.

Take Care of the Duplicate content

Google doesn’t index the same content again & again in its search results. They want only one and an original version of the page to rank in the results.

So to avoid that you can do the following things:

301 redirect

When you have a new URL for a page you should do this. You should direct the old URL with the new URL as Google has already listed your old URL. Means you redirected the outdated URLs to the correct page. You can use 301 redirects plugin in WordPress or in your settings of your hosting account.

SEO tricks
301 Redirect

Use only 1 versions of the homepage URL

You should use only one version of the homepage i.e www or non-www. for example, there can be two URLs for the same homepage. Like or

Prevent panda hit- TheWebomania
SEO trick to use only one version of URL.

Use Canonical URLs

In the world of content management and online shopping sites, it’s usual for the same content to be accessed via multiple URLs. With content syndication, it’s now possible to distribute the same content to different URLs and domains entirely.  So if you use canonical HTML tag on the original post then search engines will know everyone to be different. For example:

SEO tricks to prevent panda hit- TheWebomania
Canonical URLs for SEO

Improve Websites navigation System

The contents matter the most but the design and user interface of a website engages a viewer for a long time.  That’s why you should also focus on the design of the website. So you should the steps:

SEO tricks to prevent Google panda hit- TheWebomania
Tips to improve website navigation system.

Let’s say your website is ranking well in search results due to good content. But if a viewer will find too many ads he will get annoyed. Also if the design and user interface is not good he might not stay for long before switching to another site. That’s why you should fix the above things.

Make sure your Website load faster

Viewers will not like if your website is not accessing quickly. So is Google. Hence, make sure your load faster. For that you should focus on below things:

SEO tricks to prevent Google Penalty- TheWebomania
Make your website load faster to prevent Google Panda hit

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