Google Panda | How Panda Algorithm works?

Google panda is a change in ranking algorithm of Google’s search results. It was released in February 2011. The change was aimed to lower the rank of “low-quality sites“ and produce  “high-quality sites “ in the top of the search results.

Google panda algorithm- TheWebomania
Key facts about Google Panda Algorithm.


For any query, there are millions of web pages with information available on Google. But we want the answer, not millions of pages. Here the “ALGORITHM“ comes into play. Algorithms are the computer programs that look for clues to give you perfectly what you want. These take your questions and produce you an exact answer.

Nowadays, Google’s algorithms depend upon more than 200 unique factors that make it possible to estimate what you might really be looking for. These factors include things like the terms of your websites, the freshness of your content, your region, Page Rank etc.

Search Process in Google

Google has a set of ranking factors that would help them differentiate Websites into “High Quality” and “Low Quality” sites. The Quality Rater Survey was evidently used to divide a pool of secretly selected websites into such a separate plane. The Google engineers then turned Panda loose upon their immense volumes of data about Websites with the goal of finding the best grouping of factors and set values for those factors.


Google Panda update- TheWebomania
Google Panda 4.0

Google panda mainly takes the quality of the content of a website into account while ranking for the Search result. So, obviously, websites with lower quality content get the negative effect on search results. And websites with higher quality get rewarded in the search result. They get higher ranking and upgraded to the top in the search results.

Content Farms

Many realized that Panda was the best effective way to attack “ content farms “. These were the major problem in search engine results.

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Google Panda- An effective way to attack content farms.

But searchers always land on those sites as they were on the top of the result pages. Despite it’s a slow process which takes months for a cycle, Google panda is still effective in producing higher quality content for the searchers.

Well, Google Panda says these are the things you must take into

#User Generated Content

The most interesting fact about Google Panda is it does not attack the User-generated content. Though it can target sites with low-quality content like spam guest posts or forums with spams.

So it’s advised not to remove your user-generated content whether it is forums, blog comments or articles because you heard it is “bad” or marketed as a “Panda proof” solution. Look at it from a quality point of view instead.  There were many websites which lose significant traffic and rankings as they removed this type of content such as Stack Overflow. So we can say comments made on a blog post can help it to rank higher.

#Word Count

Another important factor Google Panda took into account is “ Word Count “. Usually, the website publishes contents with a certain limit. Like they post contents with not less than 250 or 300 words.  But, Google suggests you think about using sufficient words which would make your content look good, not spammy with lots of words & low quality.

SEO Google algorithm- TheWebomania
Word count distribution and Average word count per page depth.

That’s why there are many pages which have very little content, yet Google ranks it to the top of the result page indicating its high quality. So you can just write a content of mere 70-80 words with high quality rather than a hard-pressed topic in a spammy way of 300+ words.  You just need enough words to answer the question.

#Content Matches the Query

Always make sure that your content is relevant to the query. If you observe traffic in your site for a specific query, then ensure that the page is answering the question people are looking for. In case it is not, then add some paragraphs to meet the expectation.

Google penalty- TheWebomania
Thin content results in Google Penalty.

So it will act as a bonus for you. Even if Google is not ranking it well, it will award the featured snippet for the query to.

#Technical SEO

Well, technical SEO does not affect the Google Panda. Technical SEO means

  • H1 tags
  • Page/ Site Speed
  • Site structure
  • Text file
  • XML sitemap etc

Google panda just takes “ Quality of content “ into account. That does not mean that you can ignore the technical SEO. It is an important part of SEO and ranking, but it doesn’t have any significant impact on Panda.

#Determining Quality

Have a look at Search Analytics or your site’s Analytics program and observe each individual page. From there you can know if Google is ranking a page and traffic is coming to your site or not. You can clearly know if your page is quality enough in search results or not.

Panda SEO- TheWebomania
Determining Quality content.

Nevertheless, if a page is not having traffic from Google, it does not mean that the page is not quality enough. Rather the content is worth looking closer. It means that the page needs some optimization. Like there can be some improvements in the content. Like

  • Addition of some paragraphs
  • A better title to match the query
  • Removal of unworthy words ( less significant )

Other Search Engines !!!

Also, you have to keep in mind that there other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, MSN, Baidu etc. Your page may not show significant traffic in Google but it might get traffic in other search engines. This difference in traffic is a huge thing. So it’s advised not to delete any content if it’s not getting traffic on Google.

Panda Prevention

The best way to prevent panda hit is “ High-Quality Content “. But how to do that?

First, check Google Analytics to ensure which page is not getting traffic. And then you can follow the below steps to prevent the panda hit

  • Make contents that users will like
  • Remove / Modify the Unworthy content
  • Remove duplicate content
  • Have Panda proof internal link strategy
  • Avoid excessive ads
  • Make your website load faster

To know details about this click below:

Panda recovery- TheWebomania
How to recover from Google Panda effect?


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