Google Penguin – Know latest 4.0 update.

Google Penguin is the update in Google Algorithm that was first announced on April 24,2012. The update was aimed to lower the rank of websites which were doing “Link schemes”. It’s a technique by which websites artificially increased the ranking by manipulating the number of links.

Google penguin- TheWebomania
Key facts about Google Penguin Algorithm.

Before Penguin update, usually, websites were using “Negative Link Building” technique to get higher rank and traffic.  But after the penguin update, “Content” became the key for higher rank. And those websites with little or spammy content got penalized and received no ranking. Many websites lost their rankings for some specific keywords.

Why Links are Important?

A link is a factor which Google uses for its Search Engine Algorithm. These are a like a vote for your site. If a well-reputed site links to your website, then that will be a recommendation for your site. But a small, unknown site’s vote is not going to matter that much. Though a larger number of these small votes can really make a difference.

Google penguin update- TheWebomania
Google Penguin 4.0 update.

Anchor text

Another important thing is “Anchor text” in the Google algorithm. It’s the text that is underlined in a link. Like here “Google Penguin” is the anchor text. If gets lots of links using anchor text “Google Penguin”, then Google will think that there is something important here. So it’ll get higher ranking and more traffic.

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Differences between various Google Algorithms.

Well, we can see this part can be cheated very easily. One can manipulate these linking by using keywords. And people realized that getting a link from an authoritative site is difficult but getting links from a large number of small sites is easy. And also SEO’s started creating links from easy to get places like directory listings, self-made articles, and links in comments & forum posts.

Only incoming Links

Penguin only takes the incoming links into account. It only deals with all the links coming to a site from different websites, it doesn’t deal with the outgoing links from the site.

Negative SEO

Negative SEO- TheWebomania
Negative SEO.

It’s really a very cheap way for linking. Some Website owners worry that their competitors intentionally buy spammy links and point them to their websites. So in the mean time, they lose their ranks. Hence, website owners give an excuse of this “Negative SEO” when penalized. But it’s not a huge problem. It can sort out by finding all the links and then removing them. It’s not something website owners should worry about.

How to recover Penguin Update?

Start identifying the unnatural links pointing to your site:

If you suffered traffic loss and decrease in your ranking in search pages then you need to find out all the low-quality links to your site. To find out and remove the links.

  • You can use “Google Search Console
  • Don’t remove “No follow” links
  • You can use “ Third party websites” ( But they don’t show all the links )
Recover penguin update- TheWebomania
How to recover Google Penguin update?

What is a Low-quality link?

  • Excessive reciprocal link building
  • Links from private blogs
  • Links from lots of foreign language sites
  • Links from hacked sites
  • Low-quality directories
  • Paid links
  • Forum spam
  • Comment spam etc.

Use “Disavow Tool”:

  • Disavowed Links are Still Seen in Webmaster Tools
  • There is a Size Limit to the Disavow File
  • The Web spam Team Doesn’t Read Comments in Your Disavow File
  • You Don’t Need to Include No follow Links in the Disavow File
  • Disavowed Links Can be Reavowed
  • A Disavow May Not Work Through a 301 Redirect
  • Disavow Data isn’t Used Against the Site Being Disavowed

So if you are suffering traffic loss and decrease in your ranking in search page after the Penguin update, then you should follow the above things to get back to the race.

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