Know Google Latest “Humming Bird” Algorithm.

Google Hummingbird is a completely new search Algorithm used by Google since August 30, 2013. But it announced the change on Sept. 26 on its 15th anniversary. The name indicates “Precise and Fast”.

Google latest algorithm update- TheWebomania
Key facts about Google Hummingbird Algorithm.

It is focused more on Meaning behind the words rather than Keywords. It affected 90% of all search results.

It pays attention to the total phrase by using Google’s Knowledge Graph making sure the whole phrase give a meaning. The ultimate aim was that pages matching the meaning are better than pages with just some keywords.

Google humming bird- TheWebomania
The three types of searches followed by Google Hummingbird algorithm.

Purpose of Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm

Google became human- TheWebomania
Humming bird Algorithm searches by phrases instead of keywords.

The most important thing Search engines like Google is taking into account is “Phrases”. Because users are searching for a query rather than just keyword.  For obvious reason when they do voice search their queries became longer with words like “ How to…”, ‘when did…”, “what is the…..” etc.

So in these cases, Google can’t any longer rely on the keywords only. It has to interpret the whole phrase and provide them the best result for the query. Google divides them into following parts such as:


  • Suppose a user searches “ What is the height of Mount Everest?”
  • Here the user wants information about Mount Everest means its details….
  • So for this always create an educational and Wikipedia type content.
Google latest algorithm- TheWebomania
Informational results by Google search.


  • Suppose a user asks “ What is the official website of Indian railways?”
  • Here he might mean for any railway reservation…
  • He might mean for any job vacancy in railway….
  • Hence you should take care of your brand name, product name and also some future plans. Like here railways show future vacancies.
Google latest algorithm update- TheWebomania
Navigational results on Google Searches.


  • Suppose a user asks “Where is the nearest KFC?”
  • Here he might mean the direction to go to the KFC.
  • Hence always make local listing for your business and update the Google + account & Google Map for navigational purpose so that it would be easy for people to find the location.
SEO latest updates- TheWebomania
Location based transactional searches.

Synonyms and Co-occurring terms

Another achievement of Hummingbird is determining a page not only about some keywords but also about their synonyms. That’s how Google can give results for the search and related themes also.

Hence you should research about your keywords. Their synonyms, spelling variants. Expand your keywords list with synonyms which bring maximum traffic to your website. You can do this by Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.

Google humming bird- TheWebomania
Overview of Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm.


It’s a great thing for your website when it got citation from different websites. When your brand name is mentioned several times in another websites along with your competitors, then Google take your website to be authoritative one and ranks higher.

Always watch your competitor’s back link profiles. Try to get links from top business websites in your field.

Anchor Text

Google always depends upon the “Back link Anchor text“ to better understand the theme of a site. For example: if you type PDF download in Google Search then Adobe name will definitely appear. This is because of the anchor text.

SEO latest updates- TheWebomania
Backlink Anchor Text.

Structured Data map

Google always pays attention to “Structured Data”. This is one of the best ways to get exposure in “knowledge graph” and add more information to your rich snippets, article authorship, search result carousel etc. For example:

SEO algorithms
Structured Data.

Well, we can say one thing that panda & penguin are updates while “Humming Bird” is a complete new algorithm which takes those updates into account.  But if your website is affected by this algorithm, then you can follow the above steps to get back to the race.

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