What are Doorway Pages? Black Hat technique


A doorway page is a web page and keyword stuffed page which after a few minutes redirects to another page. By the web spider, a Doorway page is creating spam indexing. This way Door pages are created to cheat with Search Engine which is tactics in Black Hat Search Engine Optimization.

  • The purpose of creating doorway pages is a trick to increase the website ranking for Search Engine Result Page (SERP). The doorway page is also known as:
  1. Bridge Page.

  2. Portal Page.

  3. Jump Page.

  4. Gateway Page.

  5. Entry Page and etc.

Black hat effect for Doorway pages in SEO
Doorway pages creates spam.


Types of Doorway Page:

Content Rich Doorways:

  • Most Professional Doorways pages are known as “Content Rich Doorways”.

  • Which designed for gain in top ranking in Search results without using redirection.

  • Action provides standard links for visitors.

  • Doorway Pages are equated to Landing Pages by uniformly misconceive within the literature.

  • Content Rich Pages in Doorway pages increase traffic in direct.

    • The context of pay-per-click(PPC) campaign.

    • To maximize SEO campaign.

  • Harbor spam is a site that maintains the blacklist of URLs. Like Facebook, Tumblr, and Deviantart.


  • Cloaking is a technique, when the search engine like GOOGLE and YAHOO see the content in doorway page, in a such a way that the same will be different from the normal human being i.e. for the ranking purpose the keyword optimized page whereas the visitors see the total different page.

  • Which means the spider of search engine and other human being are not viewing the same page of the website.


 Use of Doorway Pages:

Link build with Meta Data and Scripting Language:

Doorway pages in SEO
The truth behind Doorway pages.
  • If a visitor clicks through to typical search engine result page, in most of the case redirected with fast metadata command to another page.

  • Using of JavaScript and Server-side redirection includes with server configuration file.

  • By using some scripting language like PHP and Perl, they make the dynamic web pages.

Made for Search Engine:

  • The doorway page is easy to Identify because they have been designed for Search engine nor for the human being.

  • Sometimes doorway page copied from another high-rank page.

  • But search engine detects and find out the duplicate and exclude it from the search engine.

  • The search engine gives a penalty for using the Meta refresh command.

  • Some Doorway page applies a trick for the visitor, that if the visitor clicks on the link then the link take the visitor to the target destination page.

  • For the redirection technique, they use Scripting Languages like JavaScript, PHP, and Perl.

Most common Doorway Page:

  • The most common Doorway Page is Domain Name or pages made to help a site rank for different regions but the same page for the funnel user.

  • If a website wants to rank for “India”, they might have a site or use domain name like “Latest Trends of India”, according to the word “India”, search engine ranks the site for this term.

Technical Page Deliver:

In Doorway pages, they pointed to the primarily designed page for search engines, and two ways these pages are delivered technically and some of the problem they pose. These are given below.

  • Low Tech delivery:

    • The low tech is a way to create and submit a page that is targeted towards a particular phrase.
    • For more rank in search engine some people using this technique to create a page for each phrase and for each search engine.
    • Google find out this page very easily by using its technique.
    • Its page is very generic, people copy that page, make minor changes and post them in destination page.
    • Some time has done to keep others from learning exactly how the page rank well is known as “Code-Swapping”.It also called as “bait-and-switch”.
    • Meta Jacking” is taking meta tag from a page, that resubmitting the exact page from another location does not gain the same position as the original page.
  • Agent delivery:

    • This delivery doorway page that only visible to search engine.
    • Each search engine reports an agent name like each browser reports a name.
    • The advantage of Agent delivery that a user can direct see the original content by sending the search engine to a tailored page.
    • It eliminates the “bridge” problem and added the benefit of “cloaking” your code prying eyes.

Effect of Google on Doorway pages:

Black hat affect search engine ranking
Effect of Google on Doorway pages
  • In 2015 Google introduced a new doorway page penalty algorithm to decrease the rank of doorway pages in search results.
  • By this rule Google able to prevent sites from trying to maximize their search footprint and rank for multiple pages in search results.
  • Doorway page provides a minimal value to the user so Google doesn’t rank that pages, as per the Google Webmaster Guidelines state that ‘avoid doorway pages’.


I hope this article helps you to find brief idea about Doorway Page. Be aware of to Black-hat SEO and duplicate page in doorway page which looks like same as destination page. But through this technique in SEO can able to rank his site on the top level.But Doorway provides the very low-quality page to the user.

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