Content Automation

A technique, we are using today in Black Hat SEO, for creating a fresh content in an automatic way by using some,

  • Tools.

  • Scripts.

  • Small program. etc.

Automation of Content:

By the developing fields of semantic analysis and natural language processing, it has been extended.

 Although we are using these techniques it’s not an ethical process so we need to know about these clearly:

Why use?

Businesses in Digital Transformation:

  • By The traditional print-based methods:

    • Creating.

    • Approving.

    • Publishing.

    • Distributing.

    • Tracking content become

      • Increasingly inflexible,

      • Time-consuming,

      • Expensive.

  1. Convert the process from document-based to content-based processes.

    Content automation process- TheWebomania
    Process to convert from document-based to content-based components

  2. The tools are designed to optimize and automate every stage of the content lifecycle.

    Content automation process- TheWebomania
    Key processes for Content Automation

    • A website becomes a very large (As per content, not ranking of Website) in less time.

    • Man effort becomes less, as the content are generating automatically.

    • Auto-generation of content means just think about  Indexing strategy of Search Engine once, a sudden growth in S.E.R.P.

Spend More Time Selling & Less Time Writing

  • Improve capacity by working smarter.

  • Easily manage complex, multi-question RFPs

  • Ensure all sales documents contain accurate, approved content & a consistent look & feel.

  • Enable partners to access approved content for inclusion into Personalized sales documents

Obstacles in Content Automation:

    • Sudden Drop down of the website will occur.

    • It will violate the Search Engine guidelines.

    • Doorway pages will occur, as the content is automatic generating and the link generating automatically.

    • Keyword stuffing will occur, because of tools, So it will follow a frame to creating the content.

Remarks: Website may be banned or blacklisted from the search engine.

Content’s are:

  1. Unstructured Content
  2. Smart Content (structured)
Unstructured Content Smart Content (structured)
Create one-off documents. Reusable content components.
Describes how content looks. Describes what content is.
Content is static. Content can be personalized.
Manually apply formatting, design and layout. Automatically apply formatting, design and layout.
Manually build charts, graphs and tables. Dynamic chart, graph and table building.
Copy and paste to reuse content. Point and click to reuse content.
Manual content updates. Automatic content updates.
No tracking of which version of which content is used where. Full tracking and auditing of all content.


Generating automatic content- TheWebomania
Common method to categorize contents
  • Create

    • “Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V ??

      Nahaa!!-I have my own Style.”

      Automation of content- TheWebomania
      Create your own style

  • Manage

    • “Hey I’m There<=>I’m here.”

      Content automation process- TheWebomania
      Manage your content automation process

  • Publish

    • “Publish Now! Yaa!! Done That already!”

      Black Hat SEO- TheWebomania
      Publish your automated content

  • Deliver

    • “Thanks for everything!! It means a lot to me.” 

      Black Hat SEO technique- TheWebomania
      Deliver your complete automated content

Sometimes it’s good from S.E.O point of view. But it has so many bad effects for the website. It will give a sudden growth in ranking and result in S.E.R.P, but it ‘s not long lasting. Very soon it will be detected as a spam website and removed or blacklisted from the search engine.

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