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Competitor analysis is a critical and most important part of your marketing strategies. Here you can run your business smoothly with sudden growth by identifying the strength and weakness of your current and potential competitors.

Identify your competitor:

Before going through the analysis, find out your top competitor typing the particular service provider company into the search engine and then manually list those sites that show up in top SERPs(Search Engine Rank Pages).

Other than that SE ranking is one of the useful tools where you can get brief information about top 10 websites for each of your queries and also you can get detailed reports on main competitors, including data on their average position, traffic forecast, and website visibility.

Competitor analysis SEO- TheWebomania
SE Ranking Tool and its results for SEO

Title Analysis:

A well-written title tag is important for the visitor as well as search engine. So in title analysis, you can get the importance of title and how to write an effective title with some tips. Like

  • Length:

    Good title tag should be between 50-60 character long.

  • Keyword placement:

    Keyword closer to the beginning of your title tag may have more important on the search engine. So keyword placing in the right place is very important in the competitive analysis as it affects on page ranking.

  • Wording:

    Include some important phrases (like if, and, but, then) with short and simple.

  • Company name:

    Mention your company name in the title tag at the beginning or ending depends on its importance.

SEO title analysis- TheWebomania
Title Analysis for SEO

Keyword Analysis:

Performing competitor keyword research is the smart way to get more traffic and boost your page in search optimization rank pages. So it’s important to know the competitor’s both the target keyword is for the reason of rank well in the search result as well as fail to rank well.

There are many tools like

will help you by providing the list of keywords associated with any web page you specify.

In Google ad word you need to have a free google account to access the free Google keyword planner in the Google ad word interface.

Competitive market analysis
Google Keyword Planner

Meta description Analysis:

After keyword density analysis, analyzing the meta description from your competitor sites is necessary as these descriptions are extremely important in gaining user click-through from SERPs.

Keyword analysis SEO- TheWebomania
Meta Description Analysis

Through meta description, people easily get the clear indication about company’s purpose towards their product/services. So it must be approachable with different tricks.
In meta competitor analysis you can able to learn how to write an effective meta description and know some useful factor such as:

  • Use of call-to-action and its necessity
  • The length and which keyword must necessary?

By the help of meta analyzer tool or in search engine rank page you can analyze the meta description of your competitor.

Backlinks Analysis:

As we know that backlink is the major factor of ranking in SERPs, so they need to be part of any analysis. When a site linked to another site search engine counted it as votes for the site being linked to.
Here we need to consider links can have different value based on which page they are located on and where they came from and how anchor text phrased.

Back link analysis on a competitor gives you the sense of the importance of sites within the vertical are providing links, their strategies used to acquire more links and which resources doesn’t acquire many links.

So analyzing back links data help you unearth competitor strategies. So you need to have some backlink analysis tools like

to get the initial research and helps you understand the competition.

Majestic tool:

Backlink analysis for SEO- TheWebomania
Majestic Backlink tool
Backlink analysis- TheWebomania
Result after backlink analysis
Backlink analysis- TheWebomania
Anchor text tab for referring domains and external backlinks.

Social media Analysis:

Analyzing the Social media with your competitor has the strong impact on boosting your web page on SERPs. Hereafter recognizing your potential competitor, go to each website and identify whether or not they are on social media, and which platform they use. Here it allows you to get an in-depth look at what your competitive are doing it to be successful.

Social media analysis
Social media analysis for SEO

Find out what social network are they on? Make a list of which competitors are on which social network.

Second find out the number of likes, dislikes, follower, comments has on each network and how quickly it is growing, how often they are they posting their post?, How many retweets or shares?

Everything is extremely important for studying how successful their social presence is.
No need to capture it manually, you only need to sit down and analyze the data through online social media analyzer tool like

These are the most useful tools where you can get the competitor’s account across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and pin interest.

Social media and Competitive market analysis- TheWebomania
Social media analysis tool for SEO
Social media analysis
Posting history of an event by Social media analysis tool for SEO

Content analysis:

Content market strategies are one of the best in terms of social sharing. In content analysis, you’ll get an idea about the

  • blogging strategy which is the vital part of spreading awareness of your company’s services
  • What topics should we cover that will attract potential users.
  • Contents length.

From here you’ll be able to build a strong content with a solid foundation and hopefully beat your competitor in attracting leads and sales your business with your content.

There are tools like

 are used for content marketing competitor analysis and help you to determine which type of contents will support your SEO strategy best.


Competitor analysis SEO- TheWebomania
Content Analysis by BuzzSumo Tool.


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