What is cloaking? Why you shouldn’t do it?

“Cloaking”-What it is?

Black hat seo technique- TheWebomania
Cloaking- A black hat SEO technique
  • A search engine optimization technique.

  • A black hat process.

  • An IP diversion technique for Ranking.

  • A content presented to the search engine bots is partially or entirely different than the actual users.

  • It’s  a functional technique for informing search engines of content they would not otherwise be able to locate (non-textual, video).

Cloaking methods:

Way are many the concept is same Re-direct & IP diversion,

Black hat seo cloaking- TheWebomania
Cloaking Methods for black hat SEO


  • Detecting search engine user agent or IP address: IP Cloaking

    • URL Rewriting.

    • Invisible or Hidden text.

    • First Click Free.

  • Targeting search engine’s location: Referrer cloaking
    • Geo – Location.

    • Cloaking in E-Mail.

    • Ranking through black hat- TheWebomania
      Content pages for Google and humans

      Image Gallery Websites

  • JavaScript and cookie support: JavaScript Redirection Cloaking
    • Replacement of Java Scripts

    • HTML Rich Websites

    • Flash Based Websites

  • Repeat cloaking:
    • Returns the scam site, Using cookies.

    • Tracking client IP.

  • Dagger -method which takes into account all the cloaking style.
 Dated Story: Search giant Google has “blacklisted” German car manufacturer BMW for breaching its guidelines in Feb 2006.

Google Says:

Some examples of cloaking include:

  • A page of HTML text is showing to search engines but it’s showing a page of images or Flash to users.

  • Introducing some text or keywords into a page only when the User-agent requesting the page is a search engine, not a human visitor.

How is Cloaking Actually Done?

  • A cloaking method is done by modifying some file known as .htaccess for access database.

  • Apache server has a module called “mod_rewrite”.

  • With the help of this module in the .htaccess file, you can apply a cloaking technique for your website pages.

Cloaking in SEO- TheWebomania
How is Cloaking actually done?

Webmasters gather search engines’ IP addresses (211.218.476.103) or User-Agents (Google Search Engine). If mod_rewrite module detects that an IP address or user-agent belongs to a search engine, it delivers a web page that is specially designed for SEs. If IP addresses don’t belong to any spider than it thinks it’s a regular visitor and delivers a normal web page.

Detection methods:

SEO cloaking
Cloaking Detection methods
  1. Tag based.

  2. Text-based.

  3. URL-based.

  4. Crawling the same page multiple times and comparing differences.

  5. Loading the page multiple times and calculating the differences between copies of the same page.

The new system introduced for detecting cloaked web pages. It combines text, tag, URL  based methods. The resulting system is then compared to existing systems.

Cloaking Web Pages with Hybrid Detection Approaches – Components

SEO optimization- TheWebomania
Cloaking Web Pages with Hybrid Detection Approaches
  • Data crawling Component.

    1. Collect Hot Search Terms.

    2. Crawl URLs.

    3. Crawl HTML.

  • Detection algorithms

    1. Text Based Algorithm.

    2. Tag Based Algorithm.

    3. URL based Algorithm.

Cloaking Web Pages with Hybrid Detection Approaches – Results

  • Precision:% of URLs marked as cloaked among all the URLs that be detected as cloaked.

SEO optimization results on Cloaking Web pages- TheWebomania
Result of Hybrid detection on Cloaking Web pages
  • Recall % of URLs that were detected as cloaked among all the URLs marked as cloaked.

SEO Cloaking results- TheWebomania
A graphical representation of Hybrid detection

“Clock is Ticking-Cloaking Starts, Each time on the internet is beneficial.”

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