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What is a business listing?

Business listing means you can add your business online, listing your business within some category on different websites where most of your customers/prospective customers might visit often. Business can be categorized by business, location, activity, product, services or size.

In detail, A local business listing is an online entry or the promoting supplement to your business that.

Contains your business name, Address, phone number (NAP) along with other details.

The best practices for Business listing:

Since internet search is the primary tool to find businesses today, it’s vital to make sure your business is listed perfectly on all applicable online business listing sites. The things you need to mark on are:

1. Optimize your business website

  • Create a domain name that reflects your business type or the name of the company. For example-The Webomania, an SEO and web design service provider uses the domain name “”, which defines it all.

  • Add keywords in right places that identify your business, service, and location. i.e. IT company in India.

  • Include your business’ NAP not only on the home page but also all the individual pages of your websites. When you incorporate different NAP data in different sites, Google may get confused and think each of those is a different business.


Local listing
Always provide actual information to Google.

2. Update, build up and secure your business listing

  • The business name, phone, address that are changed should be updated regularly. Make changes as necessary and delete the duplicate pages.

  • Build out your listing with photos, videos, URL and other information to make your listing more attractive and informative.

  • Ensure your business listing in an appropriate category.

3. Links and Citations

Google, Bing, Yahoo! And the other search engines find out your business in 2 primary ways:
a) Tracking citations (web references)of your site and on which sites this citation appears.
b) Visiting links that point to your websites and tracking the websites where the links appear.
So the points you need to follow are:

  • Links from your website to other related websites and vice versa play a role in your business’ SEO visibility.

  • Sharing your links through social media (Facebook. twitter etc) and encouraging others to share the information can establish the authenticity of your business.

List of business listing tools:

1.Google Business 

Google local hosting provides much more and quick features for the localized results much before the organic listing does.

If your business enterprise has multiple locations then make numerous Google Places Business listings.

You can submit your business in three ways.

  • Google Places
  • Google+
  • Google Webmaster Tools


Online business directory for SEO
Business listing in Google.

2.Bing Places

You can add multiple photos, videos, business locations with fast free easy registration.
Bing is the default search engine for desktop and tablet versions of Windows 8, so most of the users opt for Bing over Google.


Business listing help for SEO.
Business listing in Bing.

3.Yellow Pages

It offers advertising, detailed ad performances, and lead generation. The company considers itself as the no.2 local search destination in business listing.


Business listing for SEO
Yellowpages- Popular Business Listing Site


It is one of the best online city guides.It allows public and private massage (including deals) with a larger user community.

Hence, you can feature your business on Yelp in order to gain attention from this completely different and targeted audience.


Online business directory
Yelp Business Listing Site.
It is a free business listing search engine which gives detailed info about events, deals, and info relevant to a given city. Its database contains more than 15 million business listing.


Business listing site Business Listing Site.

How business listing helps in SEO campaign:

1.Expand your Site Visibility

Business listing helps a business to builds up a strong presence online. Adding specific details like multimedia, categories and features like map and coupons increase the visibility of your business.Thus, you create an additional advantage that the search engine crawlers locate your business easily resulting Search engine optimization.

2.Increase site’s traffic

By being a part of the local business directory, you have the chance to rank high when people search for your types of business.

Someone searches a business with your location keyword, makes your business profile page searchable. And hence increase traffic.

It is believed that one-third of the searches done on the internet are based on location based keywords (example: “SEO firm in Delhi”).

3.Inbound links

Inbound links increase the authority of your websites when you add a link to other sites. This helps the ranking of your website in search engine.

Closing Thought:

To sum it up, it can be concluded that through business listing service, you can target an enhanced traffic, greater reliability and earn more profits from your business.

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