Google automated Queries- Fix “We’re Sorry” error pages.


Automated queries to Google, means to determine how a website or webpage ranks in Google search results for various queries by using consumes resources and includes using any software.

  • Google’s “Terms of service” have no authorization to direct send the automated queries to any sort of our system.

  • For sending the automated queries Google’s Term of service takes express permission in advance from Google.

  • Authorize permission of Webmaster Guideline and Term of Service you can do some of the work like rank checking and other types of automated access to Google otherwise it known as the violation for without permission of Webmaster Guideline and Terms of service.


Sending Automated Queries And Fix it:

Captcha google
Captcha used for securing websites from bots.

My computer sending automated Queries like a message that “We’re sorry, but your computer or network may be sending automated Queries. To protect our users, we can’t process your request right now.”If you want to fix it follow the rule:

  • Open the reCAPTCHA page and if you see the normal CAPTCHA like letter or number then your computer and network are in safe mode.

  • If the site has configuration problem then let them know about it.

  • If you still see the same message, then there may be something wrong. Follow the tips at our unusual traffic help page.


Google Automated Queries and IP Ban:

Google detects automated Queries from an IP address, which causes quick traffic spike on

  • Google describes some possible ways to fix the issue like.

    • Remove the IP address.

    • Restore Google result as usual.

  • Google’s Term of Service is violating when a computer in the network runs automated queries without permission of Google’s Term of Service.

Automated queries to google- TheWebomania
Google receiving Automated Queries from a computer or network.

Remove Google Sorry Errors:

Step 1-

  • Try the first way to delete cookies from my browser.

  • If you use Mozilla Firefox then- go to Tools> Otions> Private Date> Clear now> Check Cookies> Clear Private data now and behold, all the errors were gone and the issue was fixed for me.

  • If you use Google Chrome then- go to Tool > Delete Browsing History> Delete Browsing History window> Cookies. In this case, you can check everything but you can delete only cookies not others.

Step 2-

  • If the issue doesn’t fix, then load or download an anti-malware software like LavaSoft Adaware or Spybot Search, BitDefender Antivirus, Panda Antivirus and Destroy, MacScan(For Mac), and scan the full system to find or remove spyware and malware which could be triggering those automated queries to Google.

Step 3-

  • If you follow and tests your computer by anti-malware, but you still face problem to get the Google errors, then send feedback to Google and they will investigate your report and fix the issue.

Black hat automated queries
Anti-malware will fight against the spyware in the system.

Help to solve the Issue:

  • The issue is regarding the connected network that not necessarily the single computer or phone you are using to search. Normally Google is simply seeing a large volume of traffic coming from single IP address.

  • Google we are sorry- TheWebomania
    Solution for Google Sorry error messages

    If your device is free from malware, you have not to engage in high volume search activity, another computer or phone connected through the same network might be to blame.

  • If the same time a large number of computer device connected with one network should be triggered the message.

  • Google sees as a “network” which known as a single IP address, could be anything from a single device to a large network such as a VPN or proxy server.

  • No way for Google to know how many devices are sharing the same public IP address.

  • You need to report the issue to your “Network Administrator” for who looks after your home or work network, the organization of public network you are connected to or (your “ISP”) the company who provides your home or work internet connection.

  • A network administrator has that much capability and identify the issue and take appropriate action, Such as tracking the issue back to a single computer or switching the connection to a different IP address.

  • If you are connected with a home internet and your service provider allocate your IP address dynamically, the solution for getting an another IP address might be as simple as reboot the modem.

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