How to write a productive article for SEO?

An article is a piece of information intends to describe an experience, event, person or place for publication in a newspaper, magazine, or journal. It plays an important part of ranking in search engines by writing it for the wide audience about the particular services. Proper use of phrases and keyword in the text and inclusion of hyperlink and share your article will boost the readership of your page and drive traffic to your websites.

Steps for an effective SEO article:

1.Remember before writing an article:

Before writing an article for SEO it is important to collect some vital information you are going to use and organize your ideas carefully into paragraphs.Like

  • What is the aim of your article?
  • Where is your target audience?

2.Keyword research:

  • Keyword research is one of the most important parts of using it in article’s title, content, Meta description for getting read and ranked by the search engines.

  • Use the right tool to track such as Google ad words, KW finder, SEMRush etc.. where you rank for the keywords you target.

  • Focus on the keyword that you know your audience is always searching for.
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3.The title of your article:

  • An eye-catching title attracts the user’s attention and helps to boost your website traffic and also Google search engine provides a great weight on the title of articles. That is why it’s essential that the keyword is present in the title as an important part of an effective SEO content for optimization.

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  • Always give the importance on accuracy that reflects on your title and must be very specific.

4.Use key phrases and keyword:

  • Every page act as the web pages in the eye of the search engine. So after listing out key phrases and keyword, it’s important to use it in Metadata which is part of the HTML code, because it’ll help the reader’s to  grabs the overall idea of your article as most of the reader prefers to read meta description before choosing anything on the internet and it increase your click through rate which is also one of the important factors of search engine algorithm procedure.

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  • In 156 characters you need to add your keywords and create your meta description that is attractive enough for the user to click on it.

  • In your content, if the article is divided with the subheading, then reader finds it helpful while they read and it allows them to stay longer period.

  • Keyword and key phrases are the most useful and primary words or phrases which help people to search for information on the topic which you are about to write.

5.How key phrases and keyword works in the search engine?

Key phrases and keywords are registered by spiders, which are scripts that search engine send out every page on the internet. The spider crawls across web pages and websites and analyses them for content and quality of content.

One way to do this by registering the keyword and key phrases to identify the subject of a page. But they can also determine:

  •  How often each keyword or phrases are used,
  • Whether a page is grammatically correct, and
  • How many hyperlinks have you given?

6.Include hyperlinks:

Hyperlinks are links used for reference to other pages that are somehow relevant to your topic.  When you include hyperlink always remember to use anchor text technique which is the text that appears highlighted in a hypertext link that can be linked to open a target web page. When you write an article try to have targeted in specific keywords.

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Anchor text for better search results.

It’s very good way to regularly incorporate into their work and reduces the bounce rate.

7.Remove stop words from permalinks:

Permalink is your blog’s URL. So while writing the title permalink by default would be the same. “to”, “a, ”of” these are the stop words that Google will make the low priority in search, often ignoring them entirely.

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SEO tips for writing an effective permalink for your blogs.

Here in above image “of” and “for” being the strong words. So here while editing the permalinks those strong words are eliminated.


Proper use of heading is the most beneficial way to read the content and effective for SEO, most importantly when you writing a long post.

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Tips for choosing the right heading for your blog.

In SEO optimized theme by default, the post title uses an H1 heading tag, so for next subheading, you can use H2 and so on.

9.Overview of your article:

  • Give an approachable and accurate title for your article.
  • Make sure it’s grammatically correct and no spelling mistake. So use some tools like Grammarly for avoiding these mistakes.
  • Use the most key phrases and keywords in the title, subheading, content, and Metadata carefully. Don’t overuse it as the search engine will catch it soon and assume that the keywords are stuffing.
  • If it makes sense in the text then put the keyword and key phrases in bold and italics, it’ll emphasize the keyword and make a huge effect on the algorithm as it scans the article.

10.Share your article:

Here you let the world to know about your article by sharing it in social media likes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc…and encourage your friends to re-share it. Sharing it yourself like “Build a link to yourself” is a great way to start but making it easy for other people to share can get you even more publicity.

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