Download Nulled Monsta FTP- File Management Script. Features and Reviews.

What is Monsta FTP?

This is a network-based FTP client designed in PHP & AJAX, using this you can use to manage your website through your browser, edit code, upload and transfer files, copy/move/delete folders and files, all without setting up any desktop software. Now it’s time to say goodbye to desktop FTP software forever because Monsta FTP can link you to any Windows or Linux server right from your browser, anyplace, anytime. Open source PHP/Ajax supports the newest HTML5 browser technologies to effortlessly drag and drop files and folders from your desktop.



It takes less than 1MB of space.


Set up and running in minutes.


It can work on all your devices.



It runs on a standard PHP, so can be installed on Windows and Linux both.


It can provide a package with your name, logo, and colours (requires an upgrade).


Monsta FTP team is constantly working to expand Monsta FTP with new features.

Additional Features:

This is an open source online file manager for your website or server that can link you to any remote server, so you can upload, download and edit files from your browser.

  • Connect to any remote FTP server from your browser via client server.
  • Drop files from your computer or onto the browser to upload in real-time.
  • You can directly drop folders (in Chrome browser) from your computer onto the browser to upload files.
  • Download files from remote servers to your computer.
  • Zip up multiple files and download to your computer.
  • Get files from URLs and download straight to remote server.
  • Edit files and folders on-screen and save to the remote server.
  • Folders and files can be created.
  • Folders and files can be cut, copied, pasted and renamed.
  • CHMOD folder and files authorizations.
  • 19 interface languages are available for use.
  • Lock user sessions to IP address for additional security.
  • The open source PHP/AJAX source code can be modified.

Monsta FTP hosting requirements:

System requirements:

PHP 5.2 or above is required.

Manual Installation:

– Click below and download the package for Monsta FTP from the authorized website:

Download free Monsta FTP script


– Upload the downloaded file to the public HTML directory of your account using the File Manager in cPanel:

Free Monsta FTP Script- TheWebomania
File Manager in Monsta FTP.
Monsta FTP Script nulled.
File Manager Settings.

– On the next step you will have to extract the zip file:

Php File Management Script nulled.
Extract the zip file.

– Remember that by default the files will be kept in a subfolder of the public HTML one and if you want to install the software directly on your domain you will have to move the files one folder back:

Php open source File Management Script nulled.
Installation of Monsta FTP.

– In order to do so open the folder, select all the files using the “Select All” button and then click on the “Move File” button:

Free File Management Script.
Monsta FTP Login Authorization.

– Then open your domain name in your browser, here you will have to apply the FTP login authorizations and some other settings:

Free Monsta FTP Script.
Complete and Successful installation of Monsta FTP.

– Congratulations! You have successfully installed Monsta FTP, now it is ready to be used:

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