How to transfer a domain?

When you want to transfer a domain registration from one registrar to another, there are several blocks in place to protect your domain name ownership that can cause difficulty in transferring your domain to a new registrar. Before transfer your domain name to another, it is necessary that you ensure that the domain is ready to be transferred. So find out some specific steps you need to follow to prepare your domain.

Before transferring your domain:

Step 1: Update your name server before the transfer begins:

Changing your nameservers while your domain is being transferred may cause the transfer to fail. Be sure that you update your name server before the transfer begins so that your domain will be working as soon as possible.

Step 2: Contact information should be up to date:

During the transfer process, you will be contacted by both of your old register and your new one.  They will use the contact information that is registered to your domain. You can update your contact information from your current register’s domain control panel.

If you don’t remember who your current register is, you can look it up by performing a WHOIS search on your domain. If WHOIS privacy is enabled then it will not allow your verification information from being retrieved and will prevent you transfer towards succeeding.

How to transfer a domain
Contact information
Step 3: Update your WHOIS information:

Update of WHOIS information is necessary because it may be used to verify your ownership of a domain before the transfer completes. Updating your contact information such as mail id, phone no, place ensure that you can access the email addresses on your WHOIS will prevent transfer failure.

Step 4: The domain must be registered at least 60 days:

ICANN (Internet Cooperation for Assigned Name and Numbers), which is the organization that manages addresses on the internet, doesn’t allow a domain to be transferred within its first 60 days.

Step 5: Request that your domain is unlocked:

Domain locks prevent unauthorized domain transfer. Be sure to unlock your domain just before transferring it so that it can be transferred successfully. Make this request to your current domain registrar. The lock status of your domain can be viewed in your WHOIS information.

Steps to transfer your domain
unlock your domain
Step 6: Check your domain’s expiration date:

Domain transfer can take up to 7 days to complete. If your domain expires while to transfer it may become locked again and reason of the transfer to fail.

Important Steps before transfer of the domain
Check your domain’s expiration date
Step 7: Check that the Domain is not in Redemption:

If you are transferring an expired domain, then make sure that it is within 30 days of expiration. If it has been expired more than 30days, then your domain may not be transferred without renewal.

Step 8: Request the Authorization Code:

Every domain must provide you the authorization code (EEP) within five days from starting days of your request. Some register allows you to generate your code in the control panel, while other will send it to your via email. You will need this code to transfer your domain.

How to transfer a domain
Request the Authorization Code

Transferring your domain:

Step 1: Read the new registrar’s instruction:   

The actual process of transferring your domain will vary depending on which service you are transferring to. Make sure that you read the instruction for transferring posted on the new registrar’s support pages for exact instruction.

Step 2: Create an account to accessing this page:

You need to create an account with the register before an accessing this page. You can usually find the transfer domain section in the control panel for your new register, or you may be given the option to start the process when you create an account.

Steps to transfer your domain
Create an account to access this page

If there is no option available on the websites then you may need to contact the register’s support staff to initiate a transfer.

Step 3: Select the domain name:

Make sure to include the TLD (.com, .net, .org, .in etc..) when asked. You may able to transfer multiple domains at once but no need to include www. part of the address.

Important Steps before transfer of the domain
Select the domain name
How to transfer a domain
Select the domain name
Step 4: Enter your authorization code:

The authorization code is very important for the transfer process. When it shows to enter the code that you received from your old registrar then make sure that you enter the code exactly otherwise the transfer will not process properly.

Steps to transfer your domain
Enter your authorization code
Step 5: Verification through your old contact number:

Here you will be contacted by your old register for making sure that you authorize the transfer. You will be either emailed or called, using the information you have provided to your old register.

Step 6: Pay for the transfer:

You need to pay for your domain to be transferred and may be able to get the free cost for sign up with a new registrar.

Important Steps before transfer of the domain
Pay for the transfer
Step 7: Waiting for the transfer completion:

After the transfer has been set up by the new registrar, it can take up to a few days for your DNS changes to be recognized worldwide and it depends on which registrar you choose.

Some domain registrar allows you to hide your domain registration information so that general public can’t able to see your contact information when WHOIS search is performed.

Step 8: Delete your Old service:

After completion of transfer successfully, you can cancel your service with your old registrar otherwise web site may reduce its importance until the transfer goes into effect worldwide.

How to transfer a domain
Delete your Old service


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