How to promote your website?

If you have a good product but not able to reach to the potential customer then it won’t be productive for you, So you need to understand the importance of promotion which plays the vital part of making your website worthwhile although the process is very challenging it’s possible. There are certain techniques and strategies which improve your website’s traffic.

Promotion helps to represent your company worldwide and send out your brand’s message loud and clear to the potential audience. Without making promotion you and your website won’t able to reach that label where you want to be.

Submit your website to the search engine:

This is the first most important step, which you need to do when launching a website. Here you have to submit the site to the major search engine such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing. By doing this you let the search engine to your website’s presence and are added to a list of sites to be crawled.

Search engine traffic is the most important traffic because it’s the most targeted and 95% of the people use the search engine to find what they are looking for online.

Resourceful content:

Good Content plays a vital part of promoting your business. Your job is to consider the promotion from the day when you start write resourceful and meaningful content for your finest audience who are waiting for better services. As we know the Internet is a crowded place and a lot of excellent content already waiting out there, so you need to focus on how to write a competitive content and make it relevant to solving the rise of audiences doubt.

  • Find out where your potential customer lives and what they expect from your content.
  • Make your page informative and useful and let the users know about what makes your website unique, valuable and engaging.
  • Always make your connection with the user positive.
  • Create your content by adding some images of your product and engage your visitor by interacting with regular updates, comment boxes or social media widget.
How to promote your website
Ang Content Length


Implement Google analytic:

One of the most important factors of digital marketing is setting up your analytic properly. It takes less two minutes to sign up and implement the code. Here you collect your websites web traffic data immediately and promote your business successfully. It includes

  • Your number of visitors on your site,  how long they browse your site and where the visitors are located.
  • Bounce rate and CTR (Click Through Rate) of your site.
  • Geoinformation data.
10 effective ways to promote website
Implement Google analytic

Competitor analysis:

In promotion competitor analysis is one of the major factors of getting more traffic. This is an assessment of the strengths and weakness of current and potential competitors. It provides both an offensive and defensive strategic context to identify opportunity and threats. It is an essential component of corporate strategies.  In this analysis you’ll observe some important and useful technique, those are:

  • Identify your potential competitor.
  • Identify where your prominent customer lives and what exactly they expect.
  • Identify the high and low competitive keyword and its traffic through the best tools like SEMRush, Ad word KW, KW Planner.
  • Identify how many back links they have given and which page has got more rank.
  • Identify your competitor’s social media status as it is one of the popular and easiest ways to reach the product to your preoccupied user.
  • Identify how to write a unique and useful content for search engine and user.
Steps for Promotion of a website
Competitor analysis

Keyword planning:

The keyword is very important for your website as they bring immense web traffic to your business website for free as it searches in search engine by the Internet user. If your keyword is highly searched by user globally or in a specific region of the world, then your website or your post ranked on the first page automatically. So while promoting your website you need to aware of any factors which related to the keywords.

  • You can use the best tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, Adword Keyword etc… for finding the high and low competitive keywords.
  • Try to understand and use of short tail (1-3 words)and long tail keywords(More than three words).  Long tail keywords are more profitable as it is more specific and drive more traffic.
  • And avoid keyword stuffing which is the overuse of keywords and it harmful to your page ranking.
  • Proper use of meta keywords is another step towards successful business strategies and gain more traffic.
Tips to promote your website
Keword planner

Create Infographics:

Including Infographics in your content is one of the best marketing strategies. It looks informative and gives more convenient result than ordinary content.  People always get attracts towards visual facts, analysis. The best infographics are ones that have a good balance of visual information with written information.  Try to make it simple with informative and create it for your target audiences.

How to promote your website
Create Infographics

Build quality backlinks:

Backlinks or inbound links is the major element of your business success. The number of backlinks a website has a good indicator has its popularity. The search engine gives more importance to the websites which have a large number of quality backlinks and consider those websites more relevant search query than other.

Quality backlinks are determined by the search engine if your most of the backlinks come from sites which contain high authority domain. In that way, your page ranking will improve and link acquisition will become easier.

10 effective ways to promote website
Build quality backlinks

Unique Signature branding:

This is the initial step of getting reorganization from your customer and also getting noticed by your ideal client. So invest some time making your website signature more appealing and easy to recognize.

Your signature Brand specifies your company’s potential and tends to why people should invest in you. Generating the signature for your mail account, text messages, and forums that include your website URL to get people to recognize your brand and making a serious opportunity.

Steps for Promotion of a website
Unique Signature branding

E-mail promotion:

In the email promotion, you can easily and quickly get the receipt attention without the need for large quantities of print space. So it makes both cost effective and mobile friendly.

It happens when a company sends a personalized email with detailing information and email signature to a group of people by an electronic mail to build the customers loyalty, trust in the product, and brand recognization. It is one of the best ways to connect with your customer while promoting your business.

Create Social Media links of your business profile:

Social media is one major part of becoming your business successful. When it comes to online promotion, then the creation of social media profile is necessary.  Through the social media links you can make your business more exposure, and also you may connect with your loyal customer or fans and get the chance to make your business better day by day. So remember some points while using social media for promotion:

  • Analyzing the social media with your competitor has the strong impact on boosting your web page on SERPs. There some tools like Fanpage Karma, Klear, LikeAlyzer help you to identify the whether your competitor has a social media or not, which social media they use, which post has got more popularity etc…
  • Always create your social media profile on your landing page as landing page are designed to provide a focused marketing experience for your visitors.
Tips to promote your website
Create Social Media links

Directory Listing:

It is one of the effective ways to promote your business online. Due to the Directory listing your site able appear in diverse listing directories around the world. So when a site is submitted to a directory, it has to go through the process of checking quality, content, strategy and various other parameters by a human editor. If the site matches all the parameter then it gets listed in the directory. After listing search engine includes these directories based on the key terms/phrases that have used in the site in their search algorithm. That will make site good ranking on SERPs.

Some of the directory listing sites are:

  1. A1 web directory
  2. One web directory
  3. Online business directory


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