How to build quality back link to your websites?

When a site links to any web resources which may be a website, web page, or a web directory, then it’s called backlink. It has been a successful SEO trick for determining that website’s search engine ranking, popularity and importance. But from among all the backlinks only quality backlinks are acceptable and address to rank higher on all major search engines, like Google, Yahoo, bingo etc…, because that traffic is directly related to the quality of the backlinks your websites have, the more authoritative websites that link to you, the better ranking and traffic you’ll get.

Here are some smart ways you should follow to build quality backlinks to your website.

Competitor analysis:

Analysis on your competitor’s backlinks is the first step towards getting more traffic and most powerful strategy in online marketing. In this analysis, it gives you the sense of the importance of sites within the vertical are providing links, their strategies used to acquire more links and which resources doesn’t acquire many links.

So by backlink analysis tool, you can analyze backlinks data which help you unearth competitor strategies. Some of those tools names are:

How to build quality back link to your websites
Competitor analysis

Build Internal Links:

An internal link connects one page of a website to a different page on the same website. They are the key factor of running a successful blog.  Means With the proper internal linking structure, you can help users easily navigate through your websites and with that it passes some of its credibility to that page.

It guides visitors to high value and high-converting pages and it passes the link juice throughout the entire site.

For example: Internally link to a page located at with the anchor text SEO company in India.

<a href=””> SEO company in India</a>

Article marketing:

If the content of the article is informative and engaging, then people will read and if they like then link to them and its effect makes your site reliable resource and gets recognition among user. Try the link to high domain authority site, only then your backlink will carry weight.

For more information about writing proper article follow this link

Guest blogging:

Writing blogs for other reputable website is one of the basic methods to build backlinks. But always remember while writing for other, don’t make your sole purpose to get backlinks. That will show you a greedy and manage to acquire less backlink. Try to be helpful by providing useful information to the audience and if they found it informative, then they link to it. At the end, you’ll get more traffic with more authority which transfers over to your website.

It’s not only improved your backlinks but also increase your online reputation and social media followers.

Do the blog posting more than one times neither it makes you suspicious.

The backlink built through the guest posting is high quality and authority as it is highly trusted by Google and accepts it on its Google analytics tool.

Social Bookmarking sites:

Social bookmarking sites where you can share, organize and search your pages through bookmarks. The main advantage is that you can access this data from anywhere. It helps you for getting backlinks along with huge traffic.

Bookmarking site with high domain authority is most important to getting quality backlinks and it counted as votes in the search engines. To know more about bookmarking site and list of high domain authority sites then follow this link social-bookmarking-sites.

Quality Backlink through infographics:

We all know that Infographics are a visual representation of data and a good infographic help you to build quality backlinks and optimize your site. People find more conventional of gaining more information from visualizing rather than reading a text.

Top 10 ways to build quality back link
Quality Backlink through infographics

Before publishing your article concentrate on your Infographic which must be outstanding and unique from others. Make sure that it perfectly covers all the statistical data about the proper topics.

The press release is the great way to tell the story behind your infographics and if your infographics provide value you might be featured in the great online publication.

The best infographics we called when you put the good balance of visual information with written information. Try to make it simple with informative and create it for your target audiences.

The broken link building method:

Broken link building is the process of identifying the broken links on relevant websites, where that links pointing to content similar to yours. And then you recommend that website to replace that link with your own website links. Here the chances of a backlink back to your website are high because you are doing the webmaster a favor by reporting about broken links. This process is very easy but time-consuming.

Back link building techniques Webomania
The broken link building method

First find out the relevant sites, which would benefit from linking to your content by using these search queries in Google:

  • inurl:keyword (returns result where the keyword is in the URL)
  • intitle:keyword (returns result where the keyword is in the title)
  • intext: keyword (returns result where the keyword is in the text)

After getting the list of websites, you can find out the broken links very easily with the help of plugins and different tools.

How to build quality back link to your websites
Check my  Links

Once you have the list of the relevant website with the number of broken links, reach the site owners by getting the information from the tool like Then  Compose a simple mail where you mention about the links which are no longer available and provide the exact location. If you don’t have any response then try to send at least one follow-up message to remind them.

Social networking site profile:

Social networking is one of the top most techniques to build backlink to your website. Nowadays Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit are in the top 20 most visited globally, with having domain authority between 90 to 100. So having social networks of your website is the way to get tons of traffic and improving your page ranking in SERPs.

Top 10 ways to build quality back link
Social networking site profile

If you want to get more social media links then,

  • Add your website link and mention about your company projects details in the website field inside your about tab and make it public.  To do this account profile can visible to anyone.
  • Then post something relevant to your wall which may be a blog, quote, image and most importantly don’t forget to mention your website URL and company signature.

Writing Testimonial:

Writing Testimonial for one website is the best way to get some quality links to your site. It would help the company you are writing as the new customer will be satisfied by seeing these good reviews. The testimonial should be short and engaging and there you need to mention about

  • The benefits
  • Its sales and productivity
  • Product and services
  • and Backlink to your own website

There are also certain websites that exist for reviewing the product. You could even leave your feedback there and include a link back to your own site.

You can also write the testimonial on your own social networking site account and leave a link to your own business sites. This way increases your conversion rate.

Press release:

In the press release, if you have any newsworthy content to share, then it gives you a good result at the end and always remembers to write your press release for people not for machine or Google search engine. Before writing the content do some keyword research by some useful tools like

The size of the press release should be between 400-600 words and don’t use more than 2-3 links of anchor text. More links in the press release seem spammy and block it from search engine page. And if you have nothing newsworthy then no need to share.

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