Difference between Meta Tag & Meta Keyword


Meta Tag:

Meta tags are a set of tags, which is invisible to the viewer but a rather important part of a web page. These tags are built into the source code of the web page and are visible to search engine crawlers. Actually, this is the only thing that is visible to a search engine crawler.


When a person searches a query in a search engine, i.e. Google. The web crawlers will search the meta tags of the pages and then determine the closest searches to the query, which will show up on the results page.


The meta keyword tag consists of prominent keywords that are visible all throughout the web page and finally, the meta description tag offers a summary of the content of the web page.Keywords are actually descriptive words and phrases that visible to the viewers. These words and phrases can be found all over the web page in the content.


A website selling organic fruits in the Washington area will consist of keywords such as “fruits, organic, organic fruits, fruits in Washington area, etc.” While meta keywords are more common words, keywords are actual phrases that people tend to use very often when conducting searches. Experts suggest that a keyword should not be longer than 875 characters and repetition of phrases should be avoided.


Meta Tag use for:

These tags provide various information to a web crawler about the web page; information such as the name of the page, what the web page is about, who created the web page, how often it is updated, etc.

Meta Keyword uses for:

Meta keywords were devalued by Google because they were being abused by site owners and marketers. Developers would “stuff” the code full of high-volume keywords and phrases so that low-quality pages would rank for those search terms, consider diluting the accuracy and value of the search results.


Meta tag:

Different recommended length size for a different tag.

Example: title should be 70 characters, while description should be 150

Meta Keyword:

Meta Keyword has a word limit of between 875 characters.


Meta Tag:

Meta title, meta keyword, meta description, meta robots and meta language

Meta Keywords:

Example: If you wrote keyword for Matrimonial Service site, then you can write keyword like: Online Matrimony, Best Matrimony site, Indian Matrimonial Site and Etc.

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