Download Best Web Design E-Book Learning Web Design by O’Reilly Media.

Learning web design is a beginner’s guide to (X)HTML, style sheets and web graphics. This edition is completely rewritten to be compliance with the standard and modern web design practices. The markup chapter emphasizes using HTML to describe your content accurately, not as a tool for formatting the appearance of text.

This is the third edition of Learning Web design and like first two editions, this book addresses the specific needs and concerns of beginners of all background, including seasoned graphic designer, programmer looking for more creative outlet, office assistant, recent college graduate, work-at-home moms, and anyone else wanting to learn how to design websites.

Published: June 2007

Publisher: O’Reilly Media

Edition: Third

Language: English

About an Author: Jennifer Niederst Robbins has been a web designer since 1993. She designed web’s first commercial site, O’Reilly’s Global Network Navigator(GNN). A graduate of the University of Note Dame, Robbin is the author of Web Design in a Nutshell, Learning a Web Design, and HTML and XHTML Pocket Reference. She has also written corporate identity style guides for the client such as Harcourt Publishing, American, and Orange Imagineering.



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