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PHP and Jquery are two of the famous open source tools used for web development. This book helps you to Create a completely functional and a professional looking CMS and explain how to leverage their power by building a core CMS, which can be used for most projects without needing to be changed, and how to add the custom plug-in that can then be tailored to the individual project.

This book describes how to use PHP, MySQL, and Jquery to build an entire CMS from the ground up, complete with the plugin architecture, user management, template-driven site design, and an installer. Each chapter walks you through the problems of various aspects of CMS design and their solution, with example code and explanation provided for the chosen solutions.

If you want to see Jquery in action with PHP and MySQL code in the context of a real application, this is the book for you. It is written for the developer who has written multiple scripts or websites and wants to know how to combine them all into one package that can be used to simplify future scripts and sites. This book is aimed at people who understand the basics of PHP and Jquery and want to know how they can be used effectively to create a large project that is user-friendly and flexible.

Published: 2010

Publisher: O’Reilly Media

Language: English

About an Author: Kae Verens is an owner-manager of the web-development company and is currently secretary of the Irish PHP Users Group. He has been writing in JavaScript since the mid-90s, and in PHP since the late 90s. Kae is the creator of the file management system KFM, the CMS WebME(used by for over 200 separate clients), and the author of the Packt book jQuery1.3 with PHP.



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