Free Download A practical guide to Designing for the web by Mark Boulton

This book is for people who want to learn the basics of graphic design and apply them to their web designs-producing more effective, polished, detailed and professional sites. It’s also helpful for the graphic designer who wants to brush up on the basics or learn how to integrate what they already know about design with the demands and quirks of designing specifically for the web. Web Design should use the principle of graphic design, but the topic of web design tends to focus on web standards, browser technology, and user behavior and backend development.

Business owners and managers and others who want a well-designed site may also benefit from reading this book, but the book is directed at the people who plan and create websites.

Published: 2 February 2009

Publisher: Mark Boulton Design Ltd.

Language: English

About the author: Mark Boulton was design director at Monotype and now the member of the International Society of Typographic Designer; author of the Designing for the web and Web Standards Creativity. Co-creator of Grid set.

He was previously lead designer at the BBC in Wales following several working in an agency in London, Sydney and Manchester, UK. Designing websites and application with clients such as British, Airways, T-Mobile, Toyota, Vodafone and Commonwealth Bank.Designing for the web

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