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Author:  Rebecca Lieb                                                 

Year: 2009

Edition: 4th                                                                                                                                              

Pages: 224

Language: English

Category: SEO, business technology, Trade




In this book, delivers the author brings together more than 50 absolutely crucial facts and insights decision-makers must know to drive more web traffic through better search engine placement. The Truth about Search Engine Optimization delivers quick, bite-size, just-the-facts information but also plain-English explanations that executives, decision-makers, and even small business owners can actually use. It is the perfect storm for any marketing communication professionals.

You will learn:

  • how to set realistic goals for search optimization…


  • attract qualified traffic, not just “any” site visitors…


  • incorporate search engine optimization into both new sites and redesigns…


  • write unique and engaging content for users…


  • implement search-friendly content management…


  • avoid problems with rich content technologies such as Flash and AJAX…


  • create meta tags that actually work…


  • use public relations, blogging, and other techniques to drive traffic…


  • budget and manage search optimization projects… and much more


Recent Review:

“The Truth about Search Engine Optimization explains what will improve your website’s visibility within search results. Great for small business owners looking to get more connected with their own SEO as well as veteran SEOs needing a refresher or a new angle to look at.

Highly suggest this book for anyone with any amount of use for this industry.



About Author:

Rebecca Lieb

Rebecca is a digital content and SEO consultant, as well as a writer, author, advisor, keynote speaker, research analyst and editor. Her areas of specialization are digital marketing and media with content strategy, marketing and converged media.

She was Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of the ClickZ Network, the largest source of interactive marketing and advertising news, for almost 7 years. Rebecca has written on media for numerous publications, including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Until recently, she was a member of the graduate faculty at New York University’s Center for Publishing, where she also served on the Electronic Publishing Advisory Group. She frequently speaks on interactive marketing, advertising, and search worldwide.


Other Publications:

  • the Atomic Particle of Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Content Marketing
  • Content Marketing: Think Like a Publisher ‑ How to Use Content to Market Online.


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