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Author: Shane David                                       

Year: 2016

Edition: 6th   

Pages: 172

Language: English

Category: SEO and business Technology




Newly added in our top 10 SEO books, this book is the author who has a long SEO experience. In this book, you’ll find 39 powerful SEO strategies. The key strategies found in this book are:

  • Keyword research to find the best-matched keyword.
  • Creating unique content that search engines will really love to rank
  • Site strategies to boost SEO rankings
  • Techniques for user interaction to increase traffic of website
  • Safest link building techniques and e-Commerce site SEO to fix the issues with low performing product pages.

You’ll also find top 10 SEO checklist in the book.

A must-read book with safe and easy-to-implement techniques!


Recent Review:

“Shane makes a huge effort to give you SEO strategies that will work today and for years to come. He goes in-depth on each approach, telling you what to do, how to do it, and why. He also provides information about what has been done in the past that doesn’t work anymore, so you can avoid spending time on outdated techniques.

About the Author:

Shane David

Shane has been running profitable internet startups in order to disperse digital market widely for last 17 years. He created his first successful startup in 1998 and has also been at the cutting age of SEO during that time. His major attentions are on; time management and motivation for entrepreneurs, startup fundamentals, and processes, SEO, affiliate marketing & online lead generation.


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