Download Free E-Book of Search Engine Optimization All-in-One for Dummies by Bruce Clay

Author: Bruce Clay

Year: 2015


Pages: 792

Language: English

Category: Marketing and SEO



What if you get all the needy materials under a roof! Bruce Clay, a search engine optimization consultant since before there was Google, covers all important topics on SEO on one platform. “All in one” is an exhaustive combination of 9 books in 1, full of SEO wisdom guiding the following:

  • Creating compelling content
  • Design a site that appeals to customers and search engines
  • Deal with international search engines and Optimize your site for mobile and a good user experience across devices
  • In-depth search marketing, and SEO development.
  • The purpose behind SEO, how it works, and tactics on how to increase traffic to your site developing keyword strategy, creating links and properly analyzing results

This book is arguably the best all-inclusive tool to have in hand when learning about SEO.


From one of his reader’s review:

“I ordered this because of I heard this guy was the King of SEO. They have a great support team and free stuff for beginners. Great reference looks up on your Online Journey to the world of SEO and Linking.”


About the author:

Bruce Clay

Bruce is a professional consultant on search engine optimization. He’s a nationally recognized resource for Web site promotion tactics and tools, and his Web site,, is mentioned in the online User’s Guide to the Internet.





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